7/9/2011tags: kinect,no touch,vision,

Computer Vision Interface

An interface experiment developed for the ThincIowa conference (thinciowa.com), utilizing the Kinect camera and a short-throw projector. Users were able to use their hand movement to browse through the days schedule, speaker lineup, attendee directory and a real-time twitter feed.

7/9/2011tags: dmsc,interactive,screen,welcome,

welcome screen

With over 30 different events every week, from Yoga to Salsa Dancing and Theatre classes, the Des Moines Social Club needed a digital concierge to guide visitors upon entrance to their multi-use facility.

fresk developed an interactive welcome screen that features upcoming events, maps, information on featured programs, and a digital pinboard. Full integration to the DMSC’s website created a fully autonomous system.

7/9/2011tags: event,interactive,kiosk,touch,

event center concept

An interactive kiosk concept. Attention was put on simple navigation, as well as the ability for patrons to see the view from available seats, either by comparison or by exploring a 360 degree panorama of the main hall. Interactive posters replace the need for high cost printing, and offer the visitor a glimpse into the production – either by video or a selection of songs. An easy to administer back-end ensures frequent and simple updates.

7/9/2011tags: message,mobile,projection,sms,twitter,wall,

message wall

Developed as an addition to the “fresk+dmsc – a technological love affair” event, the freskwall projected tweets, emails, and SMS on a wall to facilitate discussion and augment the evening’s tech-heavy experience.

7/9/2011tags: interactive,kiosk,skywalk,wayfinding,

skywalk map

An interactive map concept for the Des Moines SkyWalk system. Attention was put on simple navigation, as well as the ability for businesses to connect to their customers in new and exciting ways. Twitter-like updates can be used to inform potential customers about lunch specials, sales, or other relevant information. An easy to administer back-end allows for easy updates.

7/9/2011tags: conference,greenup,interactive,kiosk,touch,

conference kiosk

An interactive kiosk developed for the 2010 Heartland Greenup Conference. Visitors were able to browse the events agenda and exhibitor location/info, as well as leave messages on a digital pinboard. Information on the event’s speakers, as well as the ability to connect with pre-registered members through the kiosk, added to the interactivity of the installation.