October 9, 2011tags: oslo,ship,viking,

viking ship

taken in the viking ship museum in Oslo, Norway. Thinking about how old these materials are just blows my mind.

tags: norway,ship,vikings,


taken in the viking ship museum in Oslo, Norway. Sort of Tim Burton-nesque.

July 27, 2011tags: des moines,nomad,sculpture park,


Took a quick trip to Des Moines new Sculpture Park this weekend. This has to be the most photographed thing in town these days.

July 25, 2011tags: 501 Grand,downtown dsm,

801 Grand

Downtown Des Moines. I love this city.

tags: downtown dsm,looking up,

Looking Up 2

Downtown Des Moines. People really don’t look up nearly enough anymore.

tags: downtown dsm,sculpture park,


Sculpture Park, Des Moines, Iowa.

tags: des moines,downtown dsm,skyline,

Downtown DSM 2

As seen from top of the Whiteline lofts in Des Moines, Iowa.

tags: courthouse,downtown dsm,

Downtown DSM 1

As seen from top of the Whiteline lofts in Des Moines, Iowa.

tags: iowa state fair,

Looking Up

State Fair, Des Moines, Iowa.

tags: decorah,iowa,sunflower,


Sun flower. Decorah, Iowa.

tags: decorah,farm,iowa,rooster,

Red Rooster

Well, not really red, but mean looking nonetheless. Decorah, Iowa.

tags: chicago,downtown,

Chicago 90

Downtown Chicago

tags: chicago,marina city,

Marina City

Chicago, USA.

tags: chicago,ferris wheel,world fair,


Ferris wheel in Chicago. Did you know the first ferris wheel was presented at the Chicago World Fair in 1893?

tags: copenhagen,duck,lone,

Lone Duck

Somewhere in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark.

tags: dizzy,phaeno,visual,

Getting Dizzy

A dizzying wall visual seen at the phaeno in Wolfsburg, Germany.

tags: moon,

Moon 2

Another shot of the moon. I like that guy.

tags: bird,des moines,Maffitt Lake,park,

Lone Bird

A lone bird. Taken at Maffitt Lake in Des Moines – great place for a long walk if you’re in the area.

tags: florida,luncar eclipse,moon,

Lunar Eclipse

Tried to get some shots of the lunar eclipse while down in Englewood, Florida. Harder than I imagined, but this one turned out OK.

July 7, 2011tags: court ave,dsm,mug club,

Cups and cups

MugClub meeting at Court Ave Brewing Company. Great place on Court Avenue if you happen to be in town.

tags: 501 Grand,des moines,Travelers Sign,


Two Des Moines icons in one image.