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Interactive Posters

We enjoy every project we encounter. Each client is different, project requirements vary, and the vision for the final product is sometimes finite, sometimes ambiguous. Recently, we teamed up with Adamantine® Yoga, a style of yoga developed here in Des Moines, on a project to create a video of the sequence in its full form. The vision for the final product was wide open: James Miller, the founder of the style, empowered our team to dream big. He wanted the entire sequence depicted in video form, but was open to any ideas we could concoct that would make the information... read more →

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January 11, 2012tags: cinemagraph mars cafe,

Pour Over, And Over, And Over…

Disclaimer: I might have gotten to drink a free cup or two while doing this. Just saying. As some of you may know, Mars Cafe opened up the Mars Satellite in the Foundry Co-Working space this week. With pour-over coffee being artfully crafted only feet from our desks, I couldn’t resist capturing the process with the help of some cinemagraphs. So stop by, say hi, and grab some tasty coffee. Mars Satellite is open from 7AM to 1PM during the week, and you can follow their progress on Twitter here:... read more →

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sh | dsm |... read more →

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December 12, 2011tags: nannagram,picture frame,share,social,

Introducing nannagram

Get started at – it’s free! A huge thank you to Tony Bohnenkamp for the voiceover and audio work on this video. Find him on twitter @ToneBoneDSM and his website Why we built it. So, our grandmother lives in Denmark. One year ago, we gave her one of those digital picture frames, loaded up a bunch of photos, and gave it to her for Christmas. You should have seen her face. She loved it. She wasn’t geeking out about the frame, but she saw the photos, and she would watch them over and over again. I really don’t... read more →

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July 25, 2011tags: brain waves,mind control,phaeno,wolfsburg,

Mind Control

A mind control game seen at the phaeno experience center, located in Wolfsburg, Germany. The object was to “relax” as much as possible as brain activity was monitored. The most “relaxed” person would win by moving the ball on the table to their side. Pretty cool – we’ve seen these sort of monitoring devices online. A bit pricey for now, but there’s a lot of possible applications for this technology once they get all the kinks figured out. If you ever make it to Wolfsburg (northern Germany), I strongly suggest checking out the Phaeno. They got all sorts of cool... read more →

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January 25, 2011tags: depth-sensor,hack,interface,kinect,

Kinect Magic

Finally had some time this weekend to play with kinect. Nothing too special yet, just segementing pixels based on depth ranges. It’s implemented on the gpu and runs pretty fast (450fps on MBP 9600M GT). I’d like to extend it so that you can drag 3D shapes into the “room” and interact with them (almost like a gui builder for things like microsoft lightspace). 2D planes can emulate cursors (I do have a cursor working for 2D tracking, but no video yet), a cylinder can be a slider, other regions can have custom functionality. Then we can design interaction and... read more →

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