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Interactive Posters

We enjoy every project we encounter. Each client is different, project requirements vary, and the vision for the final product is sometimes finite, sometimes ambiguous.

Recently, we teamed up with Adamantine® Yoga, a style of yoga developed here in Des Moines, on a project to create a video of the sequence in its full form. The vision for the final product was wide open: James Miller, the founder of the style, empowered our team to dream big. He wanted the entire sequence depicted in video form, but was open to any ideas we could concoct that would make the information easy to digest for yoga practitioners, both new and advanced. While we could have simply made a 53 minute video of the sequence, from start to finish, we wanted to create a more powerful and interactive tool.

Adamantine® has developed a strong brand, including a beautiful manual developed for yoga students. We wanted this video project to work in tandem with the brand, and thus created the Interactive Poster to align with the look of manual. The Interactive Poster allows students the opportunity to watch the choreography of each individual pose, while still maintaining a sense of the overall flow. Here is a sneak peek:

We’ve received great feedback on the project from the sneak peak posted on Adamantine’s® social media, including some people flabbergasted by our Harry Potter magic. No, this is not a piece of paper with moving images on it. The Interactive Poster is a digital tool which will be available online. We’re good, but we’re not THAT good.

Ann Landgren Morrow in Triangle pose.

After Effects, our video-editing software of choice for this project, allowed us to edit the shots and cut out the model in each desired frame.

Handstand Scorpion

 After applying the desired effects, we could piece together each pose to create the Interactive Poster. Using HTML5, we created our desired layout to make the tool accessible online.  The final version of the project will be complete summer or fall of 2014.


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