July 25, 2011tags: brain waves,mind control,phaeno,wolfsburg,

Mind Control

A mind control game seen at the phaeno experience center, located in Wolfsburg, Germany. The object was to “relax” as much as possible as brain activity was monitored. The most “relaxed” person would win by moving the ball on the table to their side. Pretty cool – we’ve seen these sort of monitoring devices online. A bit pricey for now, but there’s a lot of possible applications for this technology once they get all the kinks figured out.

If you ever make it to Wolfsburg (northern Germany), I strongly suggest checking out the Phaeno. They got all sorts of cool stuff to experiment with. The building in itself is amazing. Designed by Zaha Hadid, it resembles some sort of spaceship. I’m pretty sure they used it as the villains headquarter in the film “The International” as well.

Phaeno website.www.phaeno.de

Check out the complete photo set from the visit here: flickr

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